An estimated 43 million women in the U.S. are affected by heart disease, yet only one in five women believe heart disease is her greatest health threat.

The best way to create awareness about the seriousness and pervasiveness of heart disease is to show, not talk about, the real impact. To do this, we looked to celebrities and the top YouTube health and wellness vloggers in our Feel Rich network to help us create 14 compelling videos that would spark authentic conversations within the community.


Led by Letoya Luckett, a 2x Grammy Award winner and former member of Destiny’s Child, we tapped 14 of the most influential women on the internet to create videos sharing their story regarding heart disease.

follow your heart

The biggest breakout star of the series was Andia Winslow’s “Follow Your Heart,” a fitness film to spotlight heart-health awareness and the efforts of the American Heart Association. The video was used to headline the #FeelRichGoesRed campaign. Co-creator Andia Winslow says, “It’s about following your heart and, most importantly, taking care of your heart. As women, we must take charge of our heart health. As friends of women, we must support our communities in education, prevention and action."


These 14 videos inspired over 100 other women to share their voices on YouTube and Instagram. They were honored with a spot in the Ambassador Program at AHA.

the results

  • 207,000,000+ Twitter impressions
  • 3,000,000+ YouTube views (and counting)
  • 100+ YouTube comments

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