We’ve got friends in influential places. Hand-selected for the special niche they’ve carved out in their respective communities and ability to engage with their followers, we created a powerful network of influencers we like to call, “The Rich Cartel.” Made up of top tastemakers, legendary icons, fitness gurus, and community activists, The Rich Cartel has a reach of over 300 million followers across social media and beyond.

Each influencer, a true master of their own domain, provides a unique opportunity to reach a highly-engaged audience across music, health, film and pop culture. We will match the right influencer with your brand’s identity and objectives, and then let them work their magic to become your true ambassador. Whether creating or pushing posts, contests, in-store events, fitness concerts, fashion events, or other content, we guide your ambassador to communicate the right message at the right time to create the right results.

So without further ado, meet the Rich Cartel.