Month: May 2017

Check out the ABC interview of Feel Rich founders Shawn Ullman and Quincy Jones III   View the Video Interview

Devin Thorpe of Forbes interviews Founders Shawn Ullman and Quincy D. Jones, III Watch the video of the interview here. Their latest collaboration, Feel Rich, was Ullman’s idea and he is the CEO. The name was partially inspired by Ullman’s parents, Phyllis and Richard Ullman. Ullman says, “We leverage our relationships with hip-hop artists, celebrities, and […]

Thank you Billboard for the coverage on the Feel Rich movement and our upcoming documentary FEEL RICH: HEALTH IS THE NEW WEALTH! Check out an exclusive video clip in the link below! #FeelRich Read the Article

A new documentary focuses on the movement to get fit or die trying. In their new documentary, Feel Rich: Health Is The New Wealth, producers Shawn Ullman and Quincy “QD3” Jones III try to answer the big question: When—and why—did rappers decide to start eating their vegetables? READ THE ARTICLE